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Safety net providers deliver healthcare to patients regardless of their ability to pay. Consisting of uninsured, under insured, Medicaid and other vulnerable patients. Established in 1992, the 340B drug pricing program requires drug manufacturers to provide outpatient drugs to qualified health providers at significantly reduced prices. The program is available to several types of safety net providers, known as covered entities, and it allows these providers to stretch the limited federal resources available which affords them the ability to offer a comprehensive set of services.



Today’s 340B program requires understanding and managing the administrative and operational complexities to ensure long term program success.

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"The reassurance that everything is being done in a timely and proficient manner has been invaluable for our business. GCA340B has been a huge help with our 340B compliance and overall program management."
"Lake Regional Health System decided to enter an agreement with GCA340B about a year ago. Having a subject matter expert essentially "on our team" gives us reassurance we are following the letter of the law in terms of program integrity, but also maximizing our program benefits to generate revenue. GCA340B's team makes response time a priority as they are always just a phone call away."

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